TEXT: Winner! Best New Musical. Back to the Future the Musical. Adelphi theatre. Doc and Marty stand next to the Delorean time machine which has both doors open. Doc looks at a stop watch, Marty at his wrist watch. The city clock tower is in the background.
Green background. Text: [top]"London's #1 Show." Wicked (the dot on the 'i' is a silhouette of a witch on a broom) [bottom] The Apollo Victoria Theatre Image within a circle frame Green witch in a black pointy hat and robe faces forward, side profile of a witch in contrasting white whispers to her.
The Phantom of the Opera musical London.
Stranger Things The First Shadow
Text: Sheridan Smith, John Cassavetes' Opening Night a new Musical. With music and lyrics by Rufus Wainwright. Gielgud Theatre, London. Image: Sheridan Smith is dressed in black, wearing sunglasses with her hand out stretched
IMAGE: the background is an dark orange and purple hypno pattern. Standing slightly off centre are Henry Lewis wear glasses a turtle neck and suit jacket with a pocket square. A golden medal hangs from his neck on a thick red ribbon. From behind his shoulder Jonathan Sayer peers out, grimacing. He is wearing a pale blue raincoat.
Yellow Background. Text: Horrible Histories. Live on Stage! Terrible Tudors. Apollo Theatre 25 July - 1 September. IMAGE: Cartoon drawing of King Henry VIII holding a Porkchop with speech bubble "I decide who gets the chop!" He stands next to a cartoon drawing of Queen Elizabeth with speech bubble "But Armada than you!"
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Red Pitch play @SohoPlace Exclusive Prices London
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